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I have met this little guy last year when he was in remission but right now he is in a lot of pain and his prognosis isn’t good. He has a rare fast growing incurable cancer. The families bills are stacking up and each day is a challenge. Even though his blood counts are really low they choose to take him home in hopes to help keep his as comfortable as possible.
Thank you,
Marcie and Tony

Please help little 8 year old Christopher with his ongoing battle with Cancer.
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Please take a moment and imagine yourself as a parent; you are told by Memorial Sloan Kettering (#1 Cancer Hospital in the US) that the doctors have exhausted all options for your 8 year old son. That all they can do now is make him comfortable and help prolong his life.
In August, Little Christopher Di Martino’s parents were hit with these terrifying words. As parents, they did exactly what any other loving parent would do – they didn’t accept it and started to search for alternatives.
In 2009, Christopher Di Martino was diagnosed with a Stage 3 Tumor (Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma) in his calf. This incredibly rare cancer was delivered with a very bleak prognosis since the Cancer was so aggressive. Christopher was treated at Hackensack Hospital in New Jersey. They performed surgery, removed the tumor and 3 year old Christopher endured a full round of chemo.

Good fortune and great results came from the surgery and treatment, little Christopher was Cancer free for 6 months and he lived as a normal child would live. He was happy, healthy and ready to be a kid again. His friends and family thought their prayers were answered until November of 2010 when a larger tumor returned to the same calf and again, Christopher had to have another surgery and undergo treatment. This time the family thought it was best to bring him to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. Now at the age of 4 he was still the same happy kid, with a huge smile that always thought of others first. Christopher the fighter was ready to kick Cancer’s butt one more time!
And he did just that, another 6 months and Christopher was in remission – he’s a fighter and a warrior. With a clean bill of health, he started his childhood back up again; swimming, playing T-Ball, going to the museum and the movies not having to worry about germs or infections. He was a normal kid again – his mom and dad had to deal with the same things all parents deal with; Christopher fighting with his younger brother over a toy, making sure Christopher was polite and had manners, learning his letters and patterns but all the while thinking what’s next? Will this horrible disease return?
Sadly, in June 2012 an image demonstrated a clinically undetectable recurrence and highly suspicious right-side pulmonary nodule. Christopher’s Parents met with their doctor at MSKCC to discuss in forthright terms the grave prognosis for long-term survival in a child with now this twice recurrent radio resistant disease would respond to additional chemotherapy. Christopher now 6 and fully aware of what’s been going on started another round of chemo, this time orally with the hopes the tumor would shrink…
Christopher’s pet scans have been nothing but a blessing from the last cycle of chemo in 2012 until August of this year. The doctor’s at MSKCC had done a pet scan 3 months prior in May, the pet scan came back clear. As of August 2012, Christopher’s pet scans showed 2 large, aggressive tumors in new area of his body. A 32 millimeter tumor was found in his thigh as well as a very abnormal sized tumor on his spine wrapping around to his ribs. Two new tumors that developed within a 3 month span is beyond aggressive – MSKCC Doctors told Christopher’s parents that they will do what they can to extend his life but they’ve exhausted all chemo options – his body is now resistant.

Christopher’s parent’s Erica and Chris went searching for an alternative. They’ve found that something in a non FDA approved experimental drug. This is entirely experimental – it’s made Christopher weak and he’s in pain every day but still fighting.
Christopher goes back and forth to the hospital every day. Gas and tolls, doctor visits (which are no longer covered by insurance due to the “experimental drug” and every day expenses are weighing heavily on this one income family. It’s hard enough worrying about Christopher – having to worry about bills shouldn’t be on their minds either.

We’re asking that you take a few minutes to think about opening your heart and donating a few dollars to help the family. We understand there are a lot of Facebook scams out there and stories that aren’t true (we wish with all our hearts this wasn’t true.) Please make a donation to the family $5, $10 whatever you can spare. We’ve provided a TAX ID which is under Christopher’s name.
Please help little 8 year old Christopher with his ongoing battle with Cancer.
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Woodland Park, NJ 07424
God Bless!

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